Summer Institute for Faculty

The goal of the Summer Institute is to provide faculty with training to effectively implement cognitive and noncognitive support for psychology students in STEM courses. The Institute provides faculty with the necessary resources to enhance their awareness of noncognitive issues, as well as provides them with the skills for including non-cognitive approaches in their teaching. 

During the Institute, guest speakers provide participants with information in the following five areas: Belonging and Social Skills; Motivation and Persistence; Self-Efficacy and Belief Systems; Academic Behaviors (work and study skills) and Learning Strategies (self-regulation and time management); and Equity and Cultural Competency. Each topic is presented with special attention paid to the specific needs of Black and Hispanic students in STEM.

The Institute is fully virtual. Participants meet 4 times weekly (Monday & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) for half-days (9:00am – 12:30pm) over a period of 2.5 weeks, devoting two meeting days to each of the five areas previously described. The first meeting for each topic (Mondays & Thursdays) is devoted to presentations or activities with our invited presenters. The second meetings (Tuesdays & Fridays) are devoted to discussing supplemental materials, curricular development, and revising syllabi.

The Psyched for STEM! Institute was designed for BMCC and CCNY faculty who want to prepare students of color for success in STEM-related careers in psychology.